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Art floods from our veins.
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I'm not gonna be on this dA account much anymore.

I rarely get on and when I do it's usually just to check deviantArt for tutorials, graphics, and/or wallpapers (Among other things?) and I rarely check my messages. Like...ever.

So if you really wanna get ahold of me, you HAVE to either message me on tumblr, message me on fb, or message me on skype or Steam.

Unless it's REALLY crucial that I be on here, I will not (i repeat WILL NOT) be on here at any time other than to look for said items.

I'm always busy working on dev projects and/or working on other projects.

The art I post is on my Artblog.

Where I am usually is on my Regular Blog.

I am NEVER on here.


Sending me a message on here is futile, and you shouldn't do that because it will not be read for a long long long long ass while.

If you DO send me anything, please for the love of god do not expect a reply at any time soon.


So do not message me here!

Instead message me here:

On my Tumblr
On my Art Blog.
On my Skype: Missi.Nimda.Nixx
My Steam account is listed below in the information box!
My Facebook you have to send an ask to my Tumblr for, and you MUST tell me where you know me from, because I do not add strangers there. 
  • Mood: Movingon
  • Listening to: Kitcaliber - Bokeh Future
  • Playing: Animal Crossing
  • Eating: Noodles
  • Drinking: Diet Cola


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United States
*Sound of robotic dogs barking and loud chiptune music playing in the distance*

Yo what up I'm Jay.

I'm pretty sure you accidentally clicked my page and now your flooded by a fuckload of horrible art and possibly some terrible writings and for that I apologize, but if an apology won't do please feel free to bitchslap me as hard as you can.

My art belongs in my gallery, if I find out you've stolen it I will personally go to your page and bitch you the fuck out. I don't like art thief's and I don't like people who claim things as their own. Granted I've yet to have an art theif steal my shit but if you do I will come after you.

Art Theft Stamp by sammich

I do not give two well done fucks if you do not like my page or how it's laid out. If you have a problem with it then you can take it up with the back button because it's really the only one that will care.

If you feel like sharing things on my page feel free too because I don't care if you do or not, just credit me that way your not stealing my art. Besides I need to go up by a few watchers ^^;

If you have issues and you want someone to talk too then message me and I'll help you with whatever you need. I don't care if it's home-related problems or if you just need a shoulder to cry on or someone to help you with something you need. I'm always a helping hand when someone needs it.

I Care by Locou

Also if you want a commission feel free to ask, I don't mind drawing stuff for people granted my art is kinda bad, but I'm trying my fucking hardest to improve I swear, and I can't get anywhere if you don't commission me to draw something. If you can't afford something feel free to message me and I'll see what I can do for you.

Lastly, I'm just gonna say this.

DA Is My Home .:STAMP:. by Sleeperstar

But, I roam the internet, the proof of this is below.

Places I can be Found


Missi.Nimda.Nixx Feel free to add me if you want.


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